Fife Roads Closed: 10 Critical Updates You Need to Know

Fife Roads Closed

Navigating road closures can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with Fife roads closed scenarios. With ongoing construction, maintenance, and unexpected disruptions, staying informed about these closures is essential for residents, commuters, and travellers alike. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the 10 most critical road closures currently affecting Fife roads closed. By understanding these updates, you can plan your journeys more effectively and avoid unnecessary delays.

Fife Roads Closed: Main Street Construction in Kirkcaldy

Kirkcaldy’s Main Street has been undergoing significant construction for several months, contributing to the list of Fife roads closed. This closure, aimed at upgrading the road infrastructure and enhancing pedestrian safety, has resulted in considerable traffic detours. Local businesses remain accessible, but motorists are advised to use alternative routes such as the A921 and B9157 to avoid congestion. The construction is expected to complete by the end of the year, bringing a much-needed improvement to the town’s main thoroughfare.

Fife Roads Closed: Emergency Repairs on A92 Near Glenrothes

The A92, a major arterial road connecting Glenrothes and Dundee, has been partially closed for emergency repairs due to a severe road surface defect. This closure impacts both northbound and southbound traffic, causing significant delays during peak hours. Authorities recommend using the B969 and A911 as alternative routes to navigate around this instance. These repairs are crucial for ensuring road safety and preventing further deterioration.

Fife Roads Closed: Scheduled Maintenance on A915 Between Leven and St Andrews

The A915, a vital link between Leven and St Andrews, is closed for scheduled maintenance. This work involves resurfacing and upgrading drainage systems to prevent flooding. The closure affects a significant stretch of the road, with diversions in place via the B941 and B9131 to help manage the impact. The maintenance is projected to last for three weeks, after which normal traffic flow will resume, providing a smoother and safer journey for all road users.

Fife Roads Closed: Temporary Closure of B937 Due to Bridge Repairs

The B937 has been temporarily closed to facilitate essential bridge repairs near Ladybank. This closure is necessary to address structural weaknesses identified during a routine inspection. The repairs are expected to take approximately two months, during which traffic will be rerouted via the A92 and A91. These repairs will ensure the bridge’s long-term safety and reliability, minimising future disruptions.

Fife Roads Closed: Utility Works on B981 in Inverkeithing

Inverkeithing’s B981 is experiencing intermittent closures due to utility works. These works, carried out by Scottish Water, involve upgrading the water supply network. The closures are scheduled in phases to minimise disruption, with clear signage directing traffic to alternative routes such as the A985 and B980. The utility works are essential for improving water services in the area, ensuring a reliable supply for residents and businesses.

Roadworks on C56 Near Cupar

The C56 near Cupar is undergoing roadworks to improve the road surface and install new safety barriers. This rural road is frequently used by local traffic, and the closure has necessitated diversions through the A91 and A914. The works are expected to last for several weeks, with the goal of enhancing road safety and reducing maintenance needs in the future.

Flood Prevention Measures on B923 at Lochgelly

The B923 at Lochgelly has been closed to implement flood prevention measures. This area is prone to flooding, and the current project involves constructing new drainage channels and raising the road level. Traffic is being redirected via the A92 and A909. The flood prevention measures are anticipated to take around two months, significantly reducing the risk of future flooding.

Pedestrianization Project in Dunfermline Town Centre

Dunfermline’s town centre is undergoing a pedestrianisation project, resulting in several road closures. This initiative aims to create a more pedestrian-friendly environment, promoting safety and accessibility. Key streets affected include High Street and East Port, with diversions in place for vehicular traffic. The project is part of a broader effort to revitalise the town centre, expected to enhance the local economy and quality of life.

Resurfacing on A985 Near Kincardine Bridge

The A985 near Kincardine Bridge is closed for resurfacing work. This crucial route serves as a primary link between Fife roads closed and the Central Belt. The resurfacing aims to improve road quality and durability, addressing numerous potholes and surface wear. During the closure, traffic is being diverted via the A977 and A876. The work is scheduled to be completed within a month, significantly improving driving conditions on this busy route.

Traffic Signal Installation on A907 in Alloa

The A907 in Alloa is experiencing closures for the installation of new traffic signals at key intersections. This project is designed to enhance traffic flow and reduce congestion during peak times. Temporary traffic lights are in place to manage the closure, with diversions available through the A908 and B9096. The installation is expected to be completed within a few weeks, providing long-term benefits for road users.


Staying informed about Fife roads closed is crucial for minimising travel disruptions and ensuring a smooth journey. The updates provided in this article highlight the most critical closures currently affecting the region. By planning ahead and utilising alternative routes, you can navigate these closures with minimal inconvenience. Remember to stay updated with local traffic reports and official announcements for any changes to these roadworks. Safe travels!


1. How can I stay updated on road closures in Fife?

You can stay updated on Fife roads closed by regularly checking local news websites, following Fife Council’s social media accounts, and using traffic apps like Waze or Google Maps which provide real-time information.

2. Are there any financial aids for businesses affected by these road closures?

Yes, Fife Council offers support programs for businesses impacted by road closures. These programs include grants and advice services to help mitigate the financial impact. Business owners should contact the council directly for more information.

3. What should I do if my regular route is closed?

If your regular Fife roads closed, use the official diversion routes provided. These routes are designed to handle the additional traffic and ensure your safety. Additionally, plan your journey ahead of time and allow extra travel time.

4. How long do these road closures typically last?

The duration of road closures varies depending on the nature of the work. Some closures may last a few days for minor repairs, while major projects could extend over several months. Always check specific closure details for accurate timeframes.

5. Can I still access emergency services during road closures?

Yes, emergency services are notified of all road closures and will have access routes planned to ensure they can reach any location promptly. If you experience an emergency, call the relevant emergency services as usual.

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