Closed Roads Cumbria: Top 10 Routes You Must Avoid Right Now!

Closed Roads Cumbria

Cumbria, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and charming towns, occasionally faces challenges with road closures. Whether due to maintenance, landslides, or adverse weather conditions, navigating around closed roads Cumbria can disrupt travel plans. This guide highlights the top 10 routes currently affected by closures, ensuring you stay informed and can plan alternative routes effectively in this picturesque region.

A591: Closed Roads Cumbria from Keswick to Grasmere

The A591 Closed Roads Cumbria, a vital route connecting Keswick and Grasmere, is currently closed due to repair works following storm damage. This closure affects access between two popular tourist destinations, impacting visitors and local businesses alike. Alternative routes include the A66 and A592, although these may add extra travel time.

 A592: Closed Roads Cumbria from Windermere to Ullswater

Closed roads cumbria sections of the A592, particularly between Windermere and Ullswater, disrupt travel along one of Cumbria’s most scenic drives. Landslides and road maintenance are the primary reasons for closure. Consider using the A6 and A66 as alternative routes, ensuring you can still enjoy the breathtaking views of the Lake District.

A595: Closed Roads Cumbria from Carlisle to Whitehaven

The A595 closed roads Cambria, a major route connecting Carlisle to Whitehaven, is intermittently closed for repairs and maintenance. Delays are common, impacting commuters and tourists heading to the western coastal areas. Plan your journey ahead using the A596 and A594 as detours, ensuring smoother travel through this region.

A686: Closed Roads Cumbria from Penrith to Alston

Known as the Hartside Pass, the A686 closed roads cambria between Penrith and Alston offers stunning views of the North Pennines. However, closures due to snow and ice during winter months are frequent. Check local weather forecasts and consider alternative routes via the A69 and A689 to avoid disruptions during colder seasons.

 A5091: Ullswater to Troutbeck

Closure of the A5091 between Ullswater and Troutbeck impacts access to scenic spots and local villages. Landslides and road repairs are ongoing issues, affecting traffic flow in this picturesque part of Cumbria. Utilise the A592 and A66 for detours, ensuring you can still explore the beauty of the Lake District without delays.

B5289: Borrowdale Valley

The B5289 through Borrowdale Valley experiences closures due to rockfalls and maintenance work. This route, popular with hikers and nature enthusiasts, requires careful planning during peak seasons. Consider using the A591 and A66 as alternative routes, allowing you to access hiking trails and viewpoints with minimal disruption.

A686: Langwathby to Haydon Bridge

The A686 from Langwathby to Haydon Bridge is prone to closures during severe weather, particularly in winter. Snow and ice make this route hazardous, prompting frequent closures for safety reasons. Plan your journey using the A69 and A689 as safer alternatives, ensuring you can navigate the North Pennines safely.

A592: Kirkstone Pass

Kirkstone Pass, part of the A592, experiences closures due to snow and ice during winter months. This iconic route offers breathtaking views but requires careful consideration of weather conditions. Use the A6 and A66 via Penrith as alternative routes, ensuring you can explore this scenic pass safely and without delays.

B5343: Troutbeck to Pooley Bridge

The B5343 between Troutbeck and Pooley Bridge faces closures due to flooding and road repairs. This affects access to rural communities and scenic viewpoints around Ullswater. Plan your journey using the A592 and A66 as detours, ensuring you can navigate through the Lake District efficiently despite temporary closures.

A686: Alston to Haydon Bridge

The A686 from Alston to Haydon Bridge is subject to closures during adverse weather conditions, particularly in winter. Snowdrifts and icy roads pose risks to drivers, prompting authorities to close this route for safety reasons. Use the A69 and A689 as alternative routes, ensuring you can travel through the North Pennines safely and without delays.


Navigating closed roads cumbria requires awareness and planning, especially when exploring its scenic landscapes and quaint villages. By understanding the reasons behind closures and identifying alternative routes, you can ensure smoother travel experiences. Stay updated on road conditions through local authorities and plan your journey accordingly to minimise disruptions and maximise enjoyment of this beautiful region.


1. How often do road closures occur in Cumbria?

Road closures in Cumbria can occur throughout the year due to various factors such as maintenance, landslides, and adverse weather conditions. It’s essential to check local updates before travelling.

2. Are there alternative routes suggested for closed roads cumbria?

Yes, alternative routes are suggested for each closed road mentioned in the article to help travellers navigate around closures and reach their destinations with minimal disruption.

3. How can I stay updated on closed roads Cumbria?

Local authorities and transportation agencies provide real-time updates on road closures through their websites, social media channels, and dedicated apps.

4. What should I do if I encounter a closed road cumbria during my journey?

If you encounter a closed road, follow diversion signs or use a navigation app to find an alternative route. Avoid attempting to bypass closures as it can be unsafe and illegal.

5. Are there seasonal closures to be aware of in Cumbria?

Yes, some routes in Cumbria, particularly those through mountain passes, experience seasonal closures due to snow and ice during winter months. Check forecasts and road conditions before travelling.

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